Adventure in our own backyard

We love adventure. And we love to explore and travel. Sometimes we just can’t get away. But adventuring doesn’t demand a long road trip. Other plans kept us close to home for the weekend but we still needed to get the pulses racing.


We decided to check out Sand Creek Adventures just south of Jordan, MN.

Sand Creek offers experiences for individuals and groups for teams building, confidence building or just plain thrill seeking.

Zip line Adventure

Exhilarating and beautiful, experience our three canopy zip line tour. Spanning up to 1700 feet (combined) across the Sand Creek bluffs, with a 100 foot vertical height over the water, you are in for a thrill.

High Ropes Challenge

The high ropes challenge course will test the confidence and determination

of every participant at every level.

Low Ropes Connection

The low ropes course focuses on unifying your team by stimulating

mind and muscle to work in unison to solve complicated maneuvers.

Designed for 5 or more people.

We had such a fun day on Saturday, even though it was windy and blustery it was still a fabulous time. Paying attention to the request on their website we arrived 15 minutes before our scheduled time. Friendly staff invited us to look around for a few minutes while the other party was still arriving.

Once we were all together we suited up into our harnesses. So much more comfortable than the rope Swiss seats we wore while rappelling with our ROTC group in college. Once our seats were on and we were given a safety briefing on the handling of our “life line” it was time to climb the first tower. AJ volunteered me to go first. Thanks pal. I hope I’m well insured. ( You are 😉

There were four of us in our group. AJ and I, and what looked to be a younger grandfather and his granddaughter. The girl was fitted with a weighted belt to ensure that gravity would bring her all the way to the next platform. The rest of us would need no such assistance. Being well into adulthood we, we had already added weight to our middles.

The first zip line was a straight shot down along the bluffs of Sand Creek. We were told, “don’t jump, just step off.” I did so and felt a drop unlike anything I’ve felt since Jump School in the Army, not as dramatic as jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, of course, but still a rush. Trying to be braver than smart I stepped into a great big nothing. A sudden drop, the zip line catching, I felt wind whizzing past me, I heard the high-pitched scream of the zip line or was that me? This leg, I was told by the receiver or “brakeman”, is usually the fastest leg and people can be surprised by the speed of that first descent. Today strong cross winds would slow me down a bit, but just a bit, mind you.

On the second zip line they told us “get a running start”, and I did! I did a nice full spin and a half sailing down the zip line and I came in “hot” to the platform. The staff was on it and those brakes do their job! The fastest zip of the day! Now this is adventure!

The final zip line is a bit shorter but gives you the chance to swing back and forth a few times at the end before coming to a stop. A children’s slide gives you the chance to slide or “ski” off the launch platform. Giving me a chance to try to show off.

We had so much fun together and only a ten-minute drive from our house. We will be back again. Sand Creek Adventures will be great for entertaining visiting friends and family. Next time we’ll try the high ropes adventure. We’ll be sure to blog about that as well.

Hints from the road

Come 15 minutes early but no earlier.

No sense trying to get anything from your pockets once the seats are on.

Valuables should be locked up (if it falls from your pockets on the zip line …it’s gone)

Bring a GoPro, they have mounts on the helmets or you will have a free hand for a selfie stick.

If you drop your phone it is pretty much lost, and there’s no good way to secure it. AJ passed hers off to a mom from the other group who kindly took some snaps for us.