The tale of the “tail”



The “Tail of the Dragon” is one of those must do events for bikers. I’ve ridden several challenging roads like Needles Highway and Iron Mountain in South Dakota’s Black Hills and Bear-tooth Pass entering Yellowstone National Park to name a few.  Any road with an “I survived” patch calls our names.

AJ and I plan a longer ride every year to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  This year took us to a stretch of Hay 129 on the Tennessee /North Carolina border. The Tail is famous for its 318 curves in 11 miles.   Safe to say you get to use “all your tire” on these curves.

I want to send a shout out to Smokey Mountain Harley Davidson in Maryville, Tn for a damn nice looking shop complete with the nicest customer lounge ever. It’s what man caves dream of.  The staff was top notch as well giving us the local scoop on the best routes.  We barley scratched the surface and need to return for more.


We rode “the Dragon” on a fall Tuesday in October and it was nothing short of spectacular.  Enough bikes and sports cars to be interesting but I never felt “pushed”.  This was our first time and I wasn’t seeing any speed records.  Turn offs were easy to find if a faster biker or cager was behind me.

I’m still sorting through the pictures that US129COM  and Killboy took.  For less than 10 bucks a pic they are great souvenirs.

Lunch was at the Deal’s Gap Motorcycle Resort for a “catch all” burger with cheddar cheese , bbq sauce and onion rings.  This northern boy had to try the Sweat Tea too.

Finally we paid homage to the Tree of Shame grateful that we had no parts to hang from it.


Update 10/18/2017   Photos from US129COM .  Love ’em.




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